Caroline Yalda

My journey on the mat began when I walked into my first yoga class in 2000. Back then, I thought I was embarking on a new workout challenge and attempting a new form of exercise, not realizing that my new found workout routine would entirely transform me to a new way of being deep down to my core.

Yoga has since become a part of my daily spiritual practice as I found it to be profoundly transformative, calming and self-awakening. As my love of yoga continued to grow, I explored various traditions such as Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa and meditation. In 2016, I earned my 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification from Yogaview, Chicago, in order to share my passion for yoga with others and guide them through their yoga journey. My intention is to help others overcome life’s challenges and explore the magnitude of being centered, while discovering their authentic selves. 

My teaching style is focused on helping my students move fluidly through an accessible yet empowering yoga flow, focusing on breath awareness and alignment, while perceiving deeper vitality and happiness.

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